ROGRIND 13.63 Web Grinding Module

    ROGRIND 13.63 Web Grinding Module

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      Battery Powered Flat Stone Module.

      For grinding build-up welds on switch blades, frogs, stock rails and and check rails as well as for removing burrs from rail heads on rail frogs and in switches.

      • Quick and tool-free change of grinding modules

      • Ergonomic guidance and operation of the machine

      • Gauge adjustment without tools due to telescopic frame

      • Optional: work on grooved rails

      • Precise grinding pattern thanks to stable guide and central infeed of the grinding unit

      • Constant travel behavior in side grinding due to additional guide rollers

      • Exact adjustment of the grinding angle by means of fine adjustment and large scale


      * 2300 Wh Battery not included, Battery Tray required, for use with Modular Switch Grinding Chassis



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