Quality and Skills

Backtrack is a factory-authorized repair, warranty and distribution center for most major railway manufacturers. Our factory-trained technicians provide quick turnaround and quality workmanship for all makes of railway tools whether hydraulic, gas, electric or battery powered equipment. With their experience, diversity, and skill Backtrack’s technicians are confident and qualified to take on any railway-specific job required. Custom fabrication, on-board fire fighting systems, new truck set up, stationary blowers, work-head refurbishment, major equipment overhauls, welders, and high frequency electric installations we do it all. Making Backtrack Railway Services LTD. Your One-Stop Railway Equipment, Parts and Service Solution.

Technology and Convenience

All of Backtrack’s locations across Canada are equipped with repair facilities. We pride ourselves in having the right tools for the job, keeping all the necessary specialty tools for your railway equipment repairs at every location make a big difference to turn around time and quality of repair.

We also keep track of everything we do, no matter what province or location Backtrack’s computer system knows your history. With the use of equipment serial numbers Backtrack keeps records of your equipment, repair history and expenditures starting from either the date of purchase or the first work order opened. This makes it easy for us to keep supervisors informed with repair quotes, maintenance needs and recommendations as to when a tool, piece of equipment or machine should be retired and new equipment purchased.


We have worked hard to build relationships with the most reputable brands and suppliers in the industry to ensure we have the highest quality parts and equipment available to you when needed.

Entretien & Réparation


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