Spikefast 5 Gallon ES50 Pails

    Spikefast 5 Gallon ES50 Pails

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      SpikeFast is a patented dual-component, non-foam  polyurethane product that is proven to anchor spikes better and longer than other traditional plugging materials. Performance tests commissioned by national railroads indicate that SpikeFast outperforms  wood plugs, polymeric foam and epoxy foam in both lateral resistance and  pullout resistance. Apply SpikeFast in extreme weather conditions, including  heavy rain, freezing temperatures and high humidity, and your result is solid ties that anchor as well as virgin oak. It is easy to adz, and holes are ready  to re-spike within 10 minutes. SpikeFast bonds so tightly to the spike hole surface that it will not dislodge during the adzing process. Unaffected by water, SpikeFast completely displaces standing water in spike holes without excess foaming, and it deeply penetrates cracks, voids and crevices in the tie to reduce moisture infiltration and tie rot.

      SpikeFast helps maintenance crews be more efficient by  allowing them to re-spike more rails in less time and providing a product that lasts longer than any alternative. SpikeFast will provide an immediate return  on investment by reducing tie maintenance costs and rail down time.

      Features and Benefits
      • Ratio By Volume, Resin(Blue) to ISO(Red) is 2 to 1
      • Service temperature -40 to 180F (-40 to 82C)
      • 150 Spike holes filled per gallon
      • Quick cure time equals high production rates
      • Dynamic Rail roll-over equal to hardwood, 2x standard wood plugs
      • Lateral resistance is 20% greater than hardwood ties

      Where to use 

      • Wood crossties spike holes - Re-spike filled holes
      • Tie Remediation - Bonds tightly to wood and seals out water
      • Tie Defects - Penetrates cracks, voids and crevices


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